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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Students

Step 1- Create a student profile and then log in. If you already have a student profile, simply log in


Step 2- From your student dashboard there will be a grey notifications box just under your name.  Inside the box is a link to sign up for the classes. The link reads “purchase live virtual classroom training”. Click the link:


Step 3- This starts the billing process and the first line indicates the class we currently have scheduled. If we have more than 1 class on our calendar, this line will have a drop-down which will allow you to select the specific class you are interested in.   If more than one class is available and you would like to enroll in all of them, you will need to purchase the classes one at a time.


Should you have any questions please fill out a contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-775-8524.

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For Companies